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Language editing:

This is a specialist service for authors whose first language is not English. The focus is on the language. I correct grammar and vocabulary, and make suggestions to improve the writing style.


Text editing:

The focus is on meaning, to effectively communicating key messages in the text to readers. I review the document and suggest changes to strengthen the narrative line, e.g. by improving sentence structure, deleting repetitions, inserting text to bridge gaps in the narrative, changing the order of sentences and paragraphs, and adjusting the vocabulary and style.


Combined language and text editing:

Most often, editing involves elements of language and text editing, with more of one and less of the other. In fact, every document is unique! I agree with clients on their requirements before starting work.


Ghost writing:

I write the entire article, based on a draft material and instructions provided by the author. I can also carry out internet research, e.g. to confirm data or fill in details. Although I do most of the writing, the ideas in the text are the author’s. As far as possible I use the author’s own words, based on our initial communications.


Project proposals:

I specialise in proposals for NGOs working in the fields of environmental conservation and social development. I prepare the final version of the proposal, based on a draft material and detailed discussions with members of staff involved, in accordance with requirements of the donor agency.  This can include preparation of the log frame, timelines, budget and other technical documents required.



I specialise in translating documents (from German or Spanish to English) dealing with topics related to my areas of expertise and containing specialist vocabulary that mainstream translation agencies are often  unfamiliar with. 

"Herzlichen Dank für die sehr gute Übersetzung und das Ausformulieren der etwas knapp gehaltenen Aufzählungen am Schluss, Andrew! Das hat mich sehr gefreut."
- P.F.