About me

I was born in London and lived for the first half of my life in the UK. I went to school in Cambridge and then studied and worked in many parts of the UK. In 1989 I travelled to South America for what was intended to be a short break doing volunteer work. I ended up living in Ecuador and Peru for 12 years before moving to Bremen in Germany, where I now live, in 2002.

I have a Diploma in Landscape Architecture (Leeds Polytechnic) and an MSc in Protected Landscape Management (University of Wales).

I have worked as a landscape gardener, landscape architect, nature reserves supervisor, manager of environmental projects in South America, and freelance consultant in the NGO sector.

From 2004 to 2013 I taught masters courses in environment and development studies as Associate Lecturer at the Open University (UK). When I was made redundant by the OU, my part-time work as an editor, writer and translator became my full-time job.

The common thread running through my career has been an on-going exploration of links between environmental conservation and social development, and a commitment to environmental and social justice.

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