I work for aspiring writers and for established authors with long lists of publications to their names. Many of my clients are non-native speakers of English who need to write and publish in English to gain international recognition for their work.  I also do writing and editing work for environmental NGOs and have worked as a freelance copy editor for the academic publisher Inter-Research.

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“Andrew Halliday became so important, not only for the English language editing he undertook on the entire – often somewhat “Germlish” – manuscript but also as co-author in Chapters 4 and 10, that the original editors agreed to name him Associate Editor. Special thanks are due for his tenacity, attention to detail and concise critiques and analytical inputs throughout.”

From “Acknowledgements”  to Human-Nature Interactions in the Anthropocene

I would just like to inform you that the manuscript has now been accepted for publication ... Thanks again for your great and very helpful work! [H.R.]

Thank you, Andrew, for your valuable inputs to improve the manuscript. Looking forward to more such collaborative work near future. [D.K.D. - 08/2021]

Thank you so much for your careful editing and your tremendously helpful comments and improvements. [S.H. - 11/2021]

Du hast für unser Projekt schon so wunderbar zuverlässig unsere Texte übersetzt! [S.K.H.]

I would like to thank you very much for the thorough reading of [my] paper! It was a pleasure to go through your comments and get this foreign language right. [M.P.]

No one compares to you in editorial work or in reading my mind. [E.G. - 01/2022]

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