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The seminar is designed to meet the needs of non-native speakers of English* who write and publish in English, and has been improved over several presentations at a leading German university. It is suitable for postgraduate students and working academics in (almost) all disciplines. 

*Native speakers tell me they also find the seminar useful!


The seminar is for a small group and takes place over about 10 days. It involves about 20 hours of study, comprising interactive Zoom sessions (including group work exercises), writing assignments, and an individual feedback session for each participant.


The focus is on language structures and how they are used to perform different functions of academic writing (e.g. describing Materials and Methods, and reporting and discussing Results).

For written assignments, participants are encouraged to submit short texts based on their own work in progress.

learning outcomes

At the end of the seminar, participants will


The explanations on writing improved my choice of words and sentence structure. It drew the attention to important issues in writing that I will now be able to recognize and correct in the future.

I benefitted from the team work, the sessions and the individual appointment. I learnt so many things regarding academic writing that I never knew about long before now. I had opportunities to ask questions and contribute to the session.

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