Target Group

The seminar is specially designed to meet the needs of non-native English speakers who write and publish in English. It is suitable for postgraduate students and working academics in (almost) all disciplines.


The seminar is for a small group (maximum 20 participants) and takes place over about ten days. It consists of interactive Zoom sessions (including group work exercises), written work assignments, and individual feedback sessions.


The focus is on language structures and how they are used to perform different functions of academic writing (e.g. describing Materials and Methods, and reporting and discussing Results).

For written assignments, participants are encouraged to submit texts based on their own work in progress.

learning outcomes

At the end of the seminar, participants will

  • Feel confident about expressing their ideas in English
  • Be able to meet the standards of “good practice” and “good style” required for academic writing at postgraduate level
  • Be able to select and use language structures and vocabulary appropriate for different sections of an academic paper
  • Have the capacity to critically review and improve their own writing
  • Have an awareness of their personal competencies and what they could do to further improve their academic writing skills


For editing and translating work, I normally quote a fixed price per word, based on an initial review of the document and my estimate of the amount of work involved.

I can usually offer discounts to students, while the price may be higher if the work is urgent and a fast turnaround is required.

In all cases, the price includes answering follow-up queries from the author, e.g. to discuss alternatives or explain the reasons for my changes.

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